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What are the Biggest Risks to Business in 2021 and Beyond

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If this was asked at this point last year, the response would be in major contrast as to the biggest risks threatening businesses this year and beyond. Risk from a pandemic was perhaps a tiny inclusion on a business insurance policy, not given much thought from one year to the next and why should it…

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10 Tips for Managing Cash Flow in Small Business

As a small business owner, cash flow are two words that you only really want to hear in the same sentence as positive. It’s the age-old balancing act of ensuring there’s more money coming into the business on any given period than there is coming out. It sounds simple enough but sometimes small oversights mount…

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Adapting Business for the New Normal

Small businesses have an instinctive ability to be able to adapt to changing economic and market conditions and at no time has that agility and determination been more necessary than during the unforeseeable trading conditions of recent.  As the pandemic unfolded, companies were required to deal with forced closures,something that 65% of SMB leaders said…

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Asset-based Lending – Fact or Fiction

Asset-based lending has been around for a long time and is a very popular way to improve working capital for businesses that aren’t able to access traditional financing or need a cash injection quickly. It’s still a little bit misunderstood and this could be in part because the terminology around it isn’t very clear but…

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