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Sallyport Tailor $2.5 Million Finance for Food and Beverage Manufacturer

We’re thrilled to announce a tailored finance package of $2,500,000 for a family-owned manufacturer of powdered coffees, cappuccino mixes and other specialty drinks. The funding comprises accounts receivable and inventory finance and a cash flow loan which will enable the client to cover their operational expenses as they expand the business both at home and…

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Electric Vehicle Market Rich with Business Opportunity

The electric vehicle is nothing new, surprisingly in fact the very first concepts of electric transportation came about over a century ago; it just happens that they were way ahead of their time back then.  The gas-guzzling vehicles that we’re all now familiar with, started gaining traction at the turn of the century as consumer…

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Can you Prepare your Business for Recession?


If you haven’t started to prepare your business for recession yet, you’re not alone. With all the uncertainty globally and subsequent firefighting, you’re probably in the ‘think about it later camp’ or even; what recession? Having some kind of plan based on best guesses however, is better than having no plan at all. These are…

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